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David Bullock is a tech entrepreneur and brand strategist from Anchorage, Alaska who now resides in Los Angeles, California. Drawing upon his experience working with Grammy Award winning artists, major record labels and internationally recognized brands, Bullock founded 907 Agency in January 2017.

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Meet the Childhood Friends Looking to Gamify the Music Industry With 'World Famous' Mobile App

After growing up together in Alaska, David Bullock returned home to Anchorage earlier this month to receive the city's highest honor -- the equivalent to the key of the city. The Anchorage Assembly was celebrating the 24-year-old's experience in the music industry, which has linked him to Kanye West, Rae Sremmurd and Sean "Puffy" Combs' family, most recently helping to orchestrate and produce CombsFest at Coachella, while frequently visiting The Last Frontier to offer inspiration to its next generation. Full Article

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Get the inside scoop on the ever-changing entertainment industry with David Bullock, who shares his experiences, secrets and influences with BET Digital about how he got his come up!

Hip-hop is forever changing! The culture has morphed into a lifestyle that's fresh, open-minded and digital-savvy. And David Bullock, founder of digital marketing agency 907 Agency, is easily pushing the culture forward on his own terms, as he encompasses what it really means to be a hip-hop tastemaker. David continues to stay on the brink of a new idea, setting a standard for what's hot and what's not through social media, events and pure marketing genius. Full Article

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Children Of The Digital Age: David ‘Alaska’ Bullock

Technology has permeated and revolutionized every industry- it’s clear we exist in a digital age. Digital technology is the vehicle for information relay and outreach. At the forefront of these innovations is the Millennial generation - though recently outpaced by Generation Z in terms of size, Millennials are the first true digital-native age group. They also hold the most purchasing power (including statistically proven influence on family-purchase decisions), and thus are unsurprisingly the target of most marketing campaigns. Full Article

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